Crossing Waves: a podcast on gender and sexuality

LGBTQI Rights & International Law: A conversation with Po-Han Lee

July 31, 2021

Today's episode is an interview-conversation with Po-Han Lee, who’s also known as Peter (as the co-hosts know him personally). Peter was a PhD student at the University of Sussex and worked on health inequalities and law for LGBTQ individuals and gender and sexual minorities. He currently works as lecturer at the National Taiwan University.

The conversation was recorded during the summer of 2020 and covers topics around his research in Asia, LGBTQ+ activism, postcolonialism in relation to gender and sexuality, as well as the international health rights of LGBTQI populations. The episode's comments and introduction were recorded during January 2021.

Peter's latest paper "A Pluralist Approach to ‘the International’ and Human Rights for Sexual and Gender Minorities" has been published on Feminist Review. For all his other extensive work, collaborations and publications check:

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